This summer has been a real eye opener for me. I thought I had just gained weight (a lot of weight) in the past two years but I was so wrong. About three weeks ago I got really sick. My stomach hurt so much I couldn't move. I just lied on the hospital floor and threw up all over the place. After four days of suffering the doctors discovered a huge tumour in my stomach. It weighted 22,2 kilos. It wasn't cancer or anything, but it was fucking painful. I was operated in Helsinki and as soon as I woke up the pain was gone.
Now I'm recovering and feeling so much better. It was like an ultimate weight loss!:D
Yesterday I met my best friends for the first time in a VERY long time altough they live only 20 km away and we had a blast. I miss them already. This whole experience made me really think about my life and how lucky I am. I know it's a kliche to say that but it's true. The tumour could have been cancer but it wasn't. I've been recovering really fast from the operation but that's also a thing I consider to be just good luck. The operation went well, I'm alive and I didn't have any side effects. The doctors couldn't even get my upper-lip pearcing off so I didn't loose it:D
I hope this experience has a meaning, I hope I have enough strength now to change my life into something better, if it's possible, and I really hope that I get to spend the rest of my life with the people I love.

Have a super-great autumn everybody, I know I will!:)
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Oh my goodness! That must have been so scary; I am glad that they were able to remove the tumor ok!

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